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It all started in 1970 when an American tourist was electrocuted while sitting on top of the roof of a train in Allahabad. He had severe burns and required urgent attention and hospitalisation. Dr N.P.S.Chawla was requested to bring the patient to Delhi and treat him. Off he jumped on the American Ambassadors aircraft and rescued the patient. From then on, there was no looking back. Indian Air Ambulance is a part of the East West Group and provides air ambulance services in liaison with East West Rescue. It is part of three generations of a family of physicians which has been providing health care services since 1920. We have an excellent safety record and are a complete in-house provider for transportation of patients nationally via air ambulance, road ambulance and commercial airliner. We can also transfer patients on commercial aircrafts worldwide.

Dr N.P.S.Chawla, MBE.


Dr N.P.S.Chawla is a graduate from AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), the Premier medical school in India. He has specialised in Internal Medicine and Cardiology in Edinburgh. He did his cardiology fellowship at Harvard Medical School (Beth Israel Hospital) and University of Texas, Dallas ( Parkland Hospital), USA and has taught at both institutions. Dr Chawla has published several medical articles, an Encyclopaedia on Health (Penguin publications) and has received many awards for his expertise and professionalism and also on the quality of care given by the East West health care and assistance companies. Dr Chawla has been awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire - M.B.E , by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England and has also been conferred the Order of the Civil Merit by His Majesty, King Juan Carlos I of Spain.