Air Ambulance

" Thanks very much for your lovely help and coordination Have a great day!Best regards,MakeMyTrip (India) Pvt. Ltd."
" Thank you for your help in evacuating my mom. I am certain my mom would not be alive now without your assistance."

Our extensive experience of over FOUR DECADES of transporting patients allows us to confidently and efficiently evacuate seriously injured or ill patients utilising air ambulances.

People come first. Everyone in need of help is treated with utmost respect and care. We believe that reassurance and a caring approach are a vital component of medical treatment. We are well known as providers of professional medical care and transport with a very human touch. We have earned a reputation of high safety standards and professionalism.

Patient transfer and Repatriation can be done by:

We provide several types of air transport services that are designed to suit a patients needs and have of over 44 years experience in air ambulance transport services for patients and family members, corporations, hospitals, nursing homes, local insurance companies and other medical care providers.

We are a complete in-house provider of air ambulances within India.

Our full time medical teams are qualified and experienced medical professionals(ATLS & ACLS certified) who provide coordinated "bedside-to-bedside" transfer. Our medical teams are available to respond quickly to emergencies. Within minutes of a call, all the necessary arrangements for "bedside-to-bedside" service are coordinated so that prompt transfer is coordinated with the hospital, treating doctor, medical team and specialists, always taking into consideration the patients best interests.

Our flight medical crew are trained to handle the most critical of patients whether they are on life support, have myocardial infarction, multi-trauma etc. and provide dedicated critical care in the skies. Our service ensures continuity of quality care to all our patients. Medical team configuration is based on the diagnosis of the patient. Critically ill patients are transported in an intensive care setting. When required additional specialists accompany the patient. Critical care aircrafts are outfitted as flying intensive care units with all lifesaving equipment and medication.