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A minimum standard of medical equipment is carried on all air ambulance, road ambulance and scheduled flight repatriations. Equipment taken on board is customised depending on the medical history of the patient.

Throughout the air ambulance flight, commercial flight or road ambulance, our team maintains a high level of intensive care through the use of our state of the art equipment, which is regularly inspected for both effectiveness and efficiency.

All equipment is owned by us and is located in New Delhi, India. All medical equipment and supplies are checked before and after each repatriation by the Chief Flight Nurse to assure proper function, battery charge, maintenance and inventory of all medical equipment and medication. Our equipment is approved for air medical transport.

Our outstanding reputation for medical care is due to our experienced and well trained medical professionals and their knowledge of the equipment aboard the aircraft or road ambulance. Over 44 years of experience in patient transport and care have been applied to our selection of equipment, medication and trained Medical personnel that are dispatched on our missions.

A Partial List Of Equipment:

Cardiac: Propaq, Zoll defibrillators, external and transvenous pacemakers, non invasive blood pressure monitors, CVP sets etc

Respiratory: Oxygen concentrator, Portable ventilators, Ambu, Suction, Oxygen cylinders approved for aeromedical use, Naso/Endo tracheal intubation equipment, chest drain sets etc.

Immobilisation Equipment: Various traction splints, cervical collar, head immobiliser, backboard etc.

Stretchers: Various stretchers-Vacuum (Bean bag), Scoop, Back board, Aero medical stretchers, air mattress etc

Others: Glucometers, Pulse Oximeters, Oxygen, masks, regulators, gauges, Infusion pumps, Portable suction units, All current advanced life support medication (ACLS), I.V. sets, blood giving sets, catheters, burn sheets