Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is an air ambulance?
An air ambulance is an aircraft with a stretcher.It is equipped with medical equipment, medication and has medical personnel to assist in the transport of an ill or injured person from one location to another.

Q2. What type of medical equipment does the medical team take on board an air ambulance?
The medical equipment consists of, but is not limited to, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, IV pumps, infusion pumps, IV solutions, oxygen cylinders (FAA approved) with attachments, intubation equipment, ventilator, FAA approved stretcher, oropharyngeal airways, Ambu & mask, portable suction units, pulse oximeters, glucometer, blood pressure cuffs, ACLS medication etc.
The same equipment is taken on board commercial aircrafts when required. Read more, see pictures

Q3. What type of patient needs an air ambulance?
Patients that need to be transported to better medical facilities for treatment or to their home town who are unable to use a commercial flight or road ambulance.

Q4. What type of patient needs a Medical escort for commercial flight?

Seated Passengers

Certain Health insurance policies bought in India may include air ambulances and repatriation. Do check if yours covers air ambulance repatriation.

If I must pay myself, how much might it cost?
Several factors determine the final cost of an air ambulance transport. The main factor is the distance involved, the type of aircraft used, medical team configuration, and the medical needs of the patient in flight. A quote would always be provided.

Is the cost the same as a seat on a commercial plane?
Unfortunately it is not. The round trip of the aircraft is charged.

What are the available services?
IAA provides a variety of services to suit a patientÕs particular medical needs and requirements. We provide stress free repatriation. Just one call to us and we make all arrangements for you, your family member or patient. Bedside to bedside transfer Ground ambulance at both destinations Arrange for hospitalisation in a hospital of your choice. Air ambulance with advanced life support equipment and staff Š fixed wing aircraft - helicopter / rotor wing rotor wing Medical escort on commercial flights in India.

Can you transfer patients awaiting an organ transplant?
Yes. We would recommend that you contact us prior to the transfer, when you are placed on the transplant list, to discuss our aircraft availability, payment arrangements, and other details.

Stretcher Case Not On Life Support

Does Indian air ambulance provide international evacuation service?
IAA provides this service through its counterpart East West Rescue.

What is "bedside to bedside" service and why is it important?
Bedside to bedside service means that the medical team is with the patient from the discharging facility, on the flight, and is with the patient until arrival at the receiving facility. Bedside to bedside service is essential and is provided on every flight. It allows us to maintain continuity in care.

What type of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards such as, Visa, Master card etc. We also accept bank wire transfers, and third party financial arrangement from insurance or assistance companies.

What are your operating hours?
24 hours.

Do I need to be a member to use your air ambulance services?
No, but being a member would give you priority when there are multiple air ambulances requests at the same time.

Who arranges the ground transportation to and from the aircraft?
We do. Once we are informed, we will organise and confirm the ground transportation, from the transferring facility to the airport and from the destination airport to the receiving facility.

What aircrafts do you use?
Fixed Wing
Cessna citation II.
Cessna Citation XL.
Pilatus PC -12.
Super King Air B200.

Helicopters available:
Bell 407
Bell 206
Bell long ranger

The aircraft chosen is based on the patient's medical condition, the number of passengers traveling with the patient and the length of the flight.

What kind of patients are you equipped to transport?
We are equipped to transport all types of patients, with either minor injuries or illnesses or critical patients requiring life support.

What is so special about an "Air Ambulance" ?
An air ambulance is like a flying Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The aircraft is fitted with state-of-the-art Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) equipment and other life saving equipment. Professional physicians and nurses are present in each plane.

How do I know if the aircraft is safe?
All aircrafts are certified by DGCA and all licenses and registrations are kept current.